PARIS AQUATIQUE was founded in 1990 and is a member of the French Aquatics Sports Federation, the FFN. With nearly 350 members, it is one of the largest Masters Swimming Clubs in the world. One of our founding principles is to fight against discrimination in any form, be it  sexual orientation, gender, ethnic origin, physical disabilities, political affiliation or religious beliefs.

PARIS AQUATIQUE offers training for adults over 18 in swimming, synchronized swimming, diving, open water swimming and water polo. We also propose a high standard of quality swimming training for triathlon competitors in cooperation with 3 other Parisian LGBT clubs: the Dérailleurs for cycling and the Paris Front Runners and the Athletic Coeur de Fond for running.

Although many of our members work out mainly to keep in shape, taking part in competitions and both a competitor and an organizer is an important part of the club’s activities. Reaching 6th in the Masters Club classification in France in 2014, PARIS AQUATIQUE not only competes at a national level, but we also participate in many competitions abroad.

PARIS AQUATIQUE is a member of the French Gay and Lesbian Sporting federation (FSGL), the European Gay and Lesbian Sport Federation (EGLSF) and the International Gay and Lesbian Aquatics (IGLA).

Every year, we help organize the Paris International Tournament which has gained widespread reputation for it high caliber of competition and organization.

Finally, our involvement in the gay and lesbian community and the friendship and solidarity that we foster among our members makes PARIS AQUATIQUE much more than just a sports club.

5 sports... 27 training sessions... 6 days per week

From monday to Saturday and among 11 different swimming pools, PARIS AQUATIQUE proposes 5 sports that you will be able to practice at your level, beginners, average, advanced :

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IGLA members : Our dear IGLA fellows members visiting Paris are welcome to practice with us during their short stay in our wonderful city. Please contact president [at] for further information.